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What will you learn about ?

Have an overall understanding of software development.

What jobs are in IT and what each of them do.

Be able to connect to software engineers on a different level.

Understand the essence of efficient, agile software development process.

Learn about trends, and technologies:Low Code development, Cloud, AI.. etc.

UI/UX and the human side of software.

What relevant questions to ask from tech people when hiring for certain roles.

IT is the future - Training for professionals working in software development


  • You will become confident working in software development
  • Get an understanding of how software development works in the real world.
  • Understand the different roles in IT.
  • Be able to connect to developers by speaking the same language.


Years Of Experience

Training sessions


Why choose solidCode: trainings?

You will gain knowledge needed in software development from a reliable source. Our trainer Sandor A. Nagy has experience in the software industry in multiple roles; starting as a software developer, then technical team lead and fulfilling different hiring manager positions as well. During 19 years of his career in software development, Sandor has worked with a wide variety of technologies. As Head of Development and  Development Center Manager, he has performed hundreds of interviews and built several teams.

Credible source

19 years in software development

Experience in a wide variety of industries

Held in Hungarian or in English



Guidance and professional knowledge sharing in a flexible way to become familiar with IT.

Initial consultation with group participants

Preparation of customised training material

Delivery of online or classroom based training

Printed book for self-study (English)

Bonus: Tips and Tricks about working with software professionals





It was a great experience and lots of fun to participate in the SolidCode training with Sandor.

After so many years spent in IT industry I thought I have a good understanding of the new trends and software development practices, and I speak developers’ language, but it seems Sandor could teach me a lot more.

Sandor was well prepared with customized training material, interactive games, regular check-points, summaries, visual tools, video materials and IT dictionary.

The whole course is structured, easy to follow but not boring at all, delivered in a comprehensive, simple language.

I would encourage everyone, especially HR people, to attend it, if they are eager to learn more about IT foundations, IT jobs, new agile trends and development languages. Thank you Sandor!

Livia Kovács

Sr. HRBP Manager, Cloudera

I have nearly 20 years of experience in recruitment. Beside leading a team, I actively perform sourcing to support projects. In the last few years I have been exclusively working in IT recruitment, so I have been very happy to attend the solidCode “IT Foundation” training held by Sándor.

The training has exceeded my expectations. It has extended my previous knowledge and formed my view of the IT world into a united picture.
Sándor’s explanation was clear and shown in the right context. It was important for him to make sure that the presentation is easily to follow. Besides deepening my previous knowledge, I got an overview of IT trends and received useful tips to stand out in the IT sourcing market.

I recommend this training to anyone who would like to deepen their existing IT skills, and for those as well who would like to start working with IT sourcing and Recruitment in the future.

Andrea Sömjén

Head of Research, MP Solutions Ltd.

Thinking about the training sessions I feel we have received useful knowledge served in an easy-to-digest format. The technical competence has been felt throughout the presentations and due to the “there is no bad question” mentality, I felt free to express my thoughts regarding the different subjects.
I highly recommend the solidCode IT training to anyone who would like to learn IT Foundations on a professional level delivered in a simple language. 😊

Tekla Mészáros

IT Consultant, MP Solutions Ltd.

The training provided me with a map and a dictionary that helped me to place concepts that I had heard in everyday life but did not know how to relate to. It gave me a sense of security that Sándor guided us with great experience and patience, and created an atmosphere where I dared to ask questions and to acknowledge what I did not know.

Anna Bödecs

Scrum Master / Agile consultant , LogMeIn

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