Professional IT Foundation in simple terms book’s demo contents


Software Development introduction

What is needed to turn an idea into working software? If you are completely new to software development, this introduction video will be useful for you. You can get familiar with the development process from an idea to the creation of software.

JavaScript coding exercise

You will experience how scripting works by writing some JavaScript code. You will use your browser’s development tools and give it some simple instructions.

Mini web server demo

You can watch an ESP8266 microchip performing server functionality. It serves a laptop browser by providing a simple website. The user can interact with the device using the webpage.

Backend as a Service intro

This video will provide some insight into Google BaaS cloud service features and the admin panel.

Continuous Delivery demo

Continuous Delivery demonstration using GitHub and Vercel integration. Saving the code triggers a software build and deploys our free dictionary site to production.

Clean Code example

Unnecessary information added to the source code pollutes the overall picture and makes it more difficult to understand.