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It became a reality to reach your car in a parking lot, or turn off the light at home from your mobile. Do you have an idea for a super useful IoT solution to build? Do you find it challenging to find a development team? You will be a bit closer to the solution by contacting us.

Utilise our expertise our electrical engineers with lot of programming experience

Grow development capacity quickly, speed up recruitment and also reduce your recruitment effort

Enjoy our flexible solutions for either long or short term development needs

Work around hiring freeze related constraints & convert employment costs to service expense

solidCode software development for IoT

if you need software solutions.


Why choose solidCode software development services?

Due to our strong software development background, we understand technology and people. Let us understand your needs and we will get software engineers who will provide solutions for your business.


High success rate in finding the right tech people for your teams.


Agile development providing transparency and continuous improvement.


Trusted service provider with 20 years of experience.


Unique and complex solutions tailored to your needs.


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