Professional IT Foundation Exam

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Showcase your knowledge and get recognised. solidCode’s books prepares you for having a wide overview of IT. As a result, you will become well prepared for the various aspects of software development. This exam gets you the Professional IT Foundation certificate.

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The Professional IT Foundation exam is recommended for you after reading the Profi IT alapok egyszerűen (in Hungarian) or Professional IT Foundation in simple terms (in English) book. The book includes the followings: You will become confident and have a wide overview of software development processes. Additionally, You will learn using by taking quizzes, having discussions and building up your vocabulary step by step. Then, the writer will explain technologies like: PWA, Low-Code development, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning. You will discover what the Data Warehouse is. You will find out about architectural styles and see the Client-Server architecture in detail. The writer will describe what Machine Code and Cross-Platform development are. After that, you will learn the steps of Software Development Life Cycle. For instance, you will understand the “Shifting Left” concept, the different levels of testing, related roles, and the Test Pyramid. Finally, we will discuss user experience, software usability and cover the human factors, and recruitment topics.

If you feel overwhelmed by IT terms, then this is the right path for you. IT is the future! Learn it with us!

CONNECTION: We ensure that you will be able to connect with developers by speaking the IT language.
KNOWLEDGE SHARING: We provide a flexible guide for you to become familiar with IT.
FOR EVERYONE: We offer training for you and all others, who have never worked in IT and those who want to widen their existing IT knowledge.

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